Monday, November 30, 2015

Flip-Flops(Brief intro)

A flip-flops circuit can maintain a binary state indefinitely until directed by an input signal to switch states. The major differences among various types of flip-flops are in the number of inputs they possess and in the manner in which the inputs affect the binary state.
Basic Flip-Flop circuit
√   A flip-flop can be constructed from two NAND gates or two NOR gates. Each circuit forms a basic Flip-Flop upon which other more complicated types can be built.
√    The cross-coupled connection from the output of one gate to the input of the other gate constitutes a feedback path.
√    Each Flip-Flop has two outputs, Q(normal output) and Q'(complement Output)
√    Direct coupled RS Flip-Flop is an example for the most basic Flip-Flop.

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