Friday, March 6, 2015

Trying not to be left out.

Hello people of the internet!
This blog  is mine and i don't post on it.
That is because i have my own personal blog which i post my rants and podcasts on. (Which i'm going to shamelessly link here, because why not? I'm advertising my blog on my blog. Boy, am i going places.)

But there is ofcourse a huge difference between bot the blogs.
The other one's cooler. 
Just kidding.
Haha, I'm so funny! 

The difference is that this blog's a colaborated blog. 
More people means more fun, right? (Apparetly not)
Currently we have two of my friends on this blog, but i might add more in the future.

The main reason i started thi blog is to start a colaborated podcast. But due to some totally foreeen circumstances, we have postponed it. The main problem is that we just don't have time to get together (Yeah, we're very busy being lazy, I know).
But I WILL get 'em together and record. Well, you know, maybe.
But when we (eventually) do it. It will be awesome.

All three of us are extremely lazy though. 
I put up my own podcasts up on my blog. That pocast i can do easily as all i need to do is pre the record button. But for this podcast i have to get us to meet up, record, mash the audio tracks together, then upload it. BLeh!
So much work.
Oh and i totally plan on ripping ideas from other actually popular podcasts.

And i don't plan on keeping to these blogs all my life.
I'm already planning on building a personal website. I have to draft designs already. But it'll be a long time before it actually goes up. Because it's best to have a personal website for all my stuff.

Besides writing awesome (read aweful) artilces(?) and recording (mediocre) podcasts, I'll be next recording gameplays, uploading my stupid(ly good) art, and some other awesome secret ( secret cz even i dont't know what they are) stuff.
But that's all in the far off future.

I'll be getting my new laptop and phone in a couple of months. After i get those I can finally make a Youtube channel and  upload some gameplay. Also, i can post stuff more often. So that's good.

I have a lot of ambition. But as of now, i can't do much.
But belive me, things will only keep getting better.


Till next time