Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Rant #1

I came across threats by certain "someone" claiming that he was planning to take over this blog and use it as his own so I decided to add my 50 cents before that happened.
Not yet sure if t'was an empty threat or a serious decision.
Anyway, the introduction declared random rants were allowed as well as talks about music and gaming, somehow books didn't get a mention. Either that or it was assumed that it was understood.
As much as I want to talk about nothing in particular, I was warned not to blog utterly meaningless posts.I specialize in utterly meaningless.This is not going to end well.
Apart from utterly meaningless, I can also mew, sing out of tune without the lyrics, procrastinate, and pretty much everything that isn't going to get me any awards at a talent show.
Moving on.
Off lately, I read this book called 'Gone Girl'.
Amazing book. Would definitely recommend reading it. You simply cannot put it down until you've finished it. Can confirm. While you're at it, watch the movie too. It does complete justice to the book, in my opinion at least.
Gone Girl covers mystery, suspense and crime. A Reader's Digest review went on to claim that it is more than an average crime novel, it's a "masterful psychological thriller" which offers "an astute and thought-provoking look into two complex personalities".
The dress that broke the internet is currently trending even as I type this out.
I see blue with black trimmings. It's based on the eye's ability to even out and balance the white. It's different for different people.
Apparently most people see the picture in the middle as white with golden trimmings along with the one on the left while agreeing that the one on the right is definitely blue with black trimmings. I see
them all to be same.
Full blown argument with mum on this over dinner resulted in a bet, some online research and she having to hand over 50 bucks. I'M RICH!
She saw white with golden trimmings.

Check out the science behind it.

That should do for now.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Installing CWM on Lenovo S820 v4.4.2 and Rooting it :)

Rooting a Lenovo S820


Do this on your own risk. Don't blame me.. I will try to help if u get stuck :)
You need a little knowledge and some common sense to do this :)
This is a LONG article... Basically STEP BY STEP.
Your battery needs to be charged MORE than 75% [DO NOT TAKE CHANCES AT ALL :) ]

This article contains content borrowed from Andy Suwito (andylah) 

Thank you Andy :)
Pre-Requisite Stuff:
  • SP Flash tool: This is the software with which you will INSTALL CWM recovery on your phone. It is a little complicated at first but if you follow this guide you will have rooted your phone in no time :) 
  • The CWM Recovery: This is the recovery which will help us ROOT the phone. 
  • The Rooting .zip file: This is the file that will ROOT your phone after being told to do so by CWM... 
  • The USB VCOM Driver: This is a driver that needs to be installed on your computer before you start with any of the above software n stuff...
  • WinRar: To extract the following .zip and .7z archives I am adding in this following link...
    Link 1: 
    CWM, SP Flash and USB VCOM via Dropbox
  • (By clicking "Download as .zip" You will download ALL these three files which will look like this) 
    Extract this using WinRar. Ignore the language and stuff :)

    Link 2: Rooting .zip file (Normal download)
Preparations to be done:
  • Extract the 3 .zip files in Link 1: (Suggestion: Extract it somewhere easy to use like your Desktop... Like this:)
    PS: Here "Root Rhone" is the name of the new folder you will create on the desktop.

  • Copy the file to your phones Internal SD card: This step requires your phone to be connected to your computer via a USB cable and copy paste it your card's root for easy access.

  • Enable USB Debugging on your Phone: 
  • Disable Driver Signature Verification: You need to do this to install the Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port which SP Flash Tool uses to install CWM.

    Win 8.1
    Win 8
    Win7 (Use the cmd prompt method)
Install the drivers:
This step requires some work to do...

You gotta switch off your Phone and wait for some time (5 sec).

Then remove your Battery...

Now connect the USB end of the Cable to your computer...
(Do NOT connect your phone)

Now go to  Run (Windows + R) and type "devmgmt.msc" and hit Enter.

This is your device manager. Here you will need to be alert and quick.

To be SAFE, Lets make a small Check List

Have you,

  1. Disabled Driver Signing?
  2. Copied the .zip to your phone?
  3. Enabled USB debugging?
  4. Extracted "USB VCOM" on your folder "Root Phone"?
Proceed If you have done so...

Now, do these steps FAST (Steps 2 to 6)  (You can retry if you fail)
  1. Connect your batteryless phone to the computer...
  2. Go to device manager. You will find this device.

    Please note it will disappear after like 5 seconds... Do step 3 before it disappears.

    If u failed to do step 3 before it disappeared, disconnect USB from phone, reconnect it after 3 seconds :)
  3. Right click and select Update Driver Software.

  4. Now, Select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software"

  5. NOW, Select your USB VCOM Drivers FOLDER... Like this.

  6. You will now be greeted with a HUGE red warning... Hit the "Install this Driver Software Anyway"

  7. Wait for a few minutes, You will get a screen like this after finishing.

  8. Disconnect your phone from your computer.
You wont be able to get it the first turn... So it is safe to disconnect and start over again TILL you get Step 7.

If you get this screen, while connecting it to the computer, you are good to go.
(The COM xx number might vary)

Once you are done with this, you are just a few moments from Rooting your phone...


1. Open the SP Flash Tool and run Flash_Tool.exe

2. Check The box with the Rectangle.... Click on scatter Loading and select MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt from target_bin\
3. Hit "Download" ... You will get a Pop-up ... Hit "YES"... You will get a screen without much change, ignore it...

4. Now, Connect your Batteryless phone to the computer... If your prev driver installation went flawless, your SP Flash Tool will do what it is designed to do... As you connect, the tool will start showing yellow colour in the progress bar...


Don't do anything till you get this:

5. Disconnect your phone after waiting like 10 seconds after this green circle pops. :) 

CONGRATS! You have Installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your phone!

Now,  Connect your battery back. 


The combination is Power Button + Volume up + Volume down.

Hold all three buttons TILL you see the Rom Manager sign. Release all of them.

You are now booted in the Recovery :) 

NOW controlling / Using the recovery. 

Vol Up = Move UP
Vol down = Move down

Power = Select option

Move Down to select

Watch the Video please  :) I have had enough typing for today :)

Thanks for reading... Please do ask your doubts or errors on YouTube :)

Rooting via TWRP - Alternate method... Try CWM first :)