Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Rant #1

I came across threats by certain "someone" claiming that he was planning to take over this blog and use it as his own so I decided to add my 50 cents before that happened.
Not yet sure if t'was an empty threat or a serious decision.
Anyway, the introduction declared random rants were allowed as well as talks about music and gaming, somehow books didn't get a mention. Either that or it was assumed that it was understood.
As much as I want to talk about nothing in particular, I was warned not to blog utterly meaningless posts.I specialize in utterly meaningless.This is not going to end well.
Apart from utterly meaningless, I can also mew, sing out of tune without the lyrics, procrastinate, and pretty much everything that isn't going to get me any awards at a talent show.
Moving on.
Off lately, I read this book called 'Gone Girl'.
Amazing book. Would definitely recommend reading it. You simply cannot put it down until you've finished it. Can confirm. While you're at it, watch the movie too. It does complete justice to the book, in my opinion at least.
Gone Girl covers mystery, suspense and crime. A Reader's Digest review went on to claim that it is more than an average crime novel, it's a "masterful psychological thriller" which offers "an astute and thought-provoking look into two complex personalities".
The dress that broke the internet is currently trending even as I type this out.
I see blue with black trimmings. It's based on the eye's ability to even out and balance the white. It's different for different people.
Apparently most people see the picture in the middle as white with golden trimmings along with the one on the left while agreeing that the one on the right is definitely blue with black trimmings. I see
them all to be same.
Full blown argument with mum on this over dinner resulted in a bet, some online research and she having to hand over 50 bucks. I'M RICH!
She saw white with golden trimmings.

Check out the science behind it.

That should do for now.



  1. Blue and black? Gold and white?
    I see pink and green. Heading to the hospital now.

    1. pink and green sounds about right.
      atleast you don't see brown and orange ._.
      then that visit to the hospital would be absolutely necessary.