Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I'm trying to blow out this fire out of my life,
But it keeps lighting up
on and on and on

Hello people of the internet.
Have you guys ever thought about your future?
What life is going to do to you?
What you will become of you?
Result days are stressful especially for students and teenagers. They live in an ocean of expectations, and now that ocean has become an oven.

FUTURE of the country
FUTURE of the government
FUTURE of our planet
FUTURE is something mankind made up to give himself an idea about what he can become.

Lets talk about it using time frames.
If you see a football striker who is  close to the target, your brain will execute the process and tell you 'that's a goal'. But when the player is far away and attempts a shot, you will not be sure if it's going to reach the target. Even if your brain says it's a goal, it need not be that way. It's the same logic when you choose your life's career. If you think its a tough one then take it only if u got the guts, else look for a new angle, i.e pass the ball.

FUTURE is like a leech.
It sucks your blood till you are dry.
So stop thinking about it else it will suck all YOUR dreams and ambitions.